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Listed below are the most popular categories for SPORTLIST, a database of mail lists for direct mail catalogers marketing to purchasers of SPORTS, RECREATION, HEALTH, AND WELLNESS EQUIPMENT, SUPPLIES, AND SERVICES.


SPORTLIST - Categories and Counts - US

Arenas, Outdoor Fields, Ball Clubs 1,155 Park and Recreation Departments – Cities 7.347
Baseball Clubs 3,263 Park and Recreation Depts – city-county-state 9,681
Basketball Youth Coaches 14,327 Physical Therapy Clinics 21,838
Boys and Girls Clubs of America 1,052 Prison Recreation Programs 2,739
Cheerleading Coaches 5,819 Physical Education Directors 17,910
Church Youth Recreation Programs 9,422 Schools, Elementary only 65,330
Community Recreation Centers 3,973 Schools, JHS and Middle 14,922
Dance Schools and Cheer Academies 12,583 Schools, K thru 12 108,321
Fitness and Health Clubs 12,032 Schools, High 18,927
Football Youth Clubs 3,978 Schools, Private 21,287
Football Youth Coaches 6,822 Soccer Clubs and Leagues 5,731
Golf Courses, Public and Private 14,833 Softball Coaches/Clubs 3,247
Government GSA Offices 5,933 Sports Medicine & Phys Rehab Clinics 9,673
Gymnastic Academies 2,415 Swim Pools, public and private 4,456
Hospitals, Physical Therapy 8,167 Swim Pools, municipal at Park & Rec 4,673
Jewish Community Centers 480 Swim Clubs 4,323
Military Recreation Programs 587 Wrestling Clubs 2,430
Soccer youth Coaches 10,878 Youth Athletic Leagues and Teams 6,838
Volleyball Youth Coaches 9,588 Youth Organizations and Programs 12,125
YMCA/YWCA 3,858 Youth Sport and Recreation Camps 7,133

High School and College Directors and Coaches

College Athletic Directors
High School Soccer Coaches 9,822
College Basketball Coaches
High School AD's over 1000 enrollment 4,618
College Football Coaches
High School Head Boys Basketball Coaches 17,768
College Soccer Coaches 3,153 High School Head Boys Soccer Coaches 14,278
College Facility Managers 878 High School Head Football Coaches 15,321
High School Athletic Directors
High School Cheerleading Coaches 20,589
High School Basketball Coaches
High School Booster Clubs 2,948
High School Football Coaches
High School Physical Educaton 17,687

All other inter-scholastic sports coaches are available, as well as teachers, instructors, and
professors. Call or email for current counts

The above counts include assistant coaches, some of the best prospects for direct mail. If you want head
coaches only please specify. These are counts by actual name, deduped, 100% CASS and DPV certified.
The categories can also be title addressed.

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List Maintenance and Preparation

SPORTLIST also offers list preparation and maintenance as well as list processing to insure your mailing meets all USPS regulations for automation standard rate mail preparation.

Services available are:

• Merge/Purge mulitple lists and house or customer furnished list.

• National Change of Address Processing (NCOA) move update.

• CASS/DPV certification to remove all non-automation records.

• List printing on pressure sensitive labels, all post office reports/forms.

• Electronic delivery of final list to printer/mailer/customer attached to an email or on a CD.